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Re: next amd64 stretch problem

On Monday 06 May 2019 02:36:23 pm ghe wrote:

> On 5/6/19 12:08 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > On Sunday 05 May 2019 09:04:18 pm Gene Heskett wrote:
> >>   Down
> >> about 20 db from what I'm used to hearing.
> A 20 db loss on a beep can be a problem for us of the elderly
> persuasion. Several years ago, an audiologist told me that my ears are
> 40 db down at 4KHz.
Thats called a Carhart Notch in the aid industry, and its the one defect 
they can't do a lot for.  Its caused by loud noises, like sitting at a 
shooting bench on my place in the black hills in the 60's and wearing 
out the 1st 3 barrels in an Ackley-06 in a P17 action without benefit of 
earmuffs. With one tree about 4 feet and left of the muzzle, and another 
about 7 feet off to the right.  Back blast off those 2 trees was 
substantial.  And the last time they tested me, 20 years back I was 
rated as at least 140db down at 4 kilohertz.  They turned it up and up 
until they thought they'd burn up the phones, but all I could hear was 
the pink noise in the background. But I'm only down 10-15 db at the 
lower freqs and down about 20 from 8 kilo's to around 18 kilo's. So my 
hearing is usable quite a bit of the time yet without aids.

> > Now, lets see if I can make apache2 run again.

Got that mostly up, now clamav is hogging things.

> IIRC, Jessie worked pretty well. Just sayin'

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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