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jessie to stretch upgrade Killed sudo.

After upgrading 2 older I86 systems to stretch, sudo works on one
and fails on the other but I am writing about both.  The problem
was probably on the failing system all along but su still allowed
a su to root under jessie but won't allow it under stretch.

sudo: pam_open_session: Permission denied
sudo: policy plugin failed session initialization

	The first thing I did was classic finger-pointing.  I
de-installed sudo on the limping system and reinstalled it at
which point the problem persisted.  A look at /var/log/auth.log
tells me something but I am not sure what.

	If you look in auth.log, it is peppered with

May  5 13:11:32 audio3 sudo: PAM no modules loaded for `sudo' service

	This occurs both before and after the upgrade which
succeeds before and fails after.

	The other system which totally survived the upgrade never
shows this message so it seems that the pam service is partly
broken on one and OK on the other.  Right now, I can ssh in to
the broken system and do anything but sudo commands.  What is the
safest way to rescue the system while still remotely attached via

	As I said, the problem may have been here for quite some
time so the upgrade didn't cause it.  It just accentuates it
since sudo now complains.
	Thanks for all constructive ideas.

Martin McCormick WB5AGZ