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Re: Can't install addons for firefox

On Sun, May 05, 2019 at 07:29:55PM -0400, Dan Ritter wrote:
> No, Mozilla really screwed up.

Understatement of the month, if not the year.  And yet, on the Mozilla
blog, all the comments are "oh, you're so awesome for working on a
weekend to fix this!", completely ignoring that there wouldn't have been
a problem to "heroically" work all weekend to solve if they'd just done
things right (staying on top of cert expirations, not trying to funnel
everything through a single point of failure, etc.) in the first place.

> Try installing
> https://storage.googleapis.com/moz-fx-normandy-prod-addons/extensions/hotfix-update-xpi-intermediate%40mozilla.com-1.0.2-signed.xpi
> And your problems should go away immediately.

Thanks!  The Mozilla blog just says to get the updated version, no
mention of how to install the updated cert directly.

I did still need to uninstall/reinstall my add-ons before they started
working again (I assume it would have eventually revalidated them on its
own, but I didn't have the patience to wait for that) but everything
appears normal again after doing that.  And all my settings appear to
have survived across the uninstall/reinstall cycle, even!

Dave Sherohman