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Re: apache2 missing a file, won't run.

On Sunday 05 May 2019 03:12:40 pm Kushal Kumaran wrote:

> Gene Heskett <gheskett@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > On Sunday 05 May 2019 01:06:13 pm Ulf Volmer wrote:
> >> On 05.05.19 18:56, Gene Heskett wrote:
> >> > Stretch install, from a custom iso the LCNC folks are testing,
> >> > but the apache2 install was all pulled in with synaptic.  No
> >> > errors.
> >> >
> >> > As root;
> >> >
> >> > Service apache2 start, gets this from systemctl:
> >> >
> >> > May 05 12:49:20 coyote systemd[1]: Starting The Apache HTTP
> >> > Server... May 05 12:49:20 coyote apachectl[20456]: apache2:
> >> > Syntax error on line 204 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Syntax
> >> > error on line 1
> >> > of /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/authz_default.load: Cannot
> >> > load /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_authz_default.so
> >> > May 05 12:49:20 coyote apachectl[20456]: Action 'start' failed.
> >>
> >> mod_authz_default.so has been removed in apache 2.4:
> >>
> >> https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/upgrading.html
> >>
> >> I guess you are trying to run a 2.2 config with a 2.4 apache.
> >>
> >> Best regards
> >> Ulf
> >
> > Now I am certifiably upset, this web page needs printed.  This is a
> > new install it took me 3 damned days just to get networking working
> > as it was stuck on ipv6 only, denying me net access to anything on
> > the otgher side of my router, and the nearest ipv6 support is a
> > minimum of 100 miles away. So I am not in a good mood.
> >
> > And the only printer it detected was the printer I wanted to use,
> > but it spit out about 50 pages of blank paper when I did. so I go
> > back into localhost:631 to printers/admin/brother HL-2140 and click
> > on modify to see if I can fix it, to be greeted by an advisory that
> > sys I as first user, has no permissions to do anything.
> >
> > Now, since much of this is owned by root:root, and theres no
> > provisions to use sud, what do I do except chown the whole subdir to
> > me:me, do what I have to do, and change it all back, difficult
> > remember since parts of it are owned by root:Lp
> >
> > So, and I fought with this problem in wheezy too but adding myself
> > to some selected entries in /etc/group half fixed it. Meaning
> > whenever it asked for a password, I changed the displayed username
> > to me, and used my passwd, which worked about 99% of the time.
> >
> > But this is 2019, and now stretch, so what do I add, or edit into
> > to /etc/cupsd.conf, here
> >
> > # Restrict access to the admin pages...
> > <Location /admin>
> >   Order allow,deny
> > </Location>
> >
> > To get me, the first user (#1000) not root, to do what I need to do
> > to fix this and add about 4 other profiles, 3 for a huge tabloid
> > capable brother and of course cups.pdf?
> This has nothing to do with the apache2 error you mentioned earlier.
In a roundabout way it does. I blame it on the extremely excessive 
security paranoia that pervades the linux environment and gets worse by 
the next release every time.

> To do printer administration using the web interface, add yourself to
> the lpadmin group.  When the web interface asks for credentials, put
> your own username and password.

FYI I am a member of the lpadmin group. Whats next? reboot to make it 
take effect?  That involves restarting at least 20 other things this 
machine does on a 24/7/365.25 basis.  Not impossible but a bunch of 
drugery nonetheless. IOW since I am "it" till I fail to answer roll 
call, likely in the visible future since I'm already equipt with plastic 
yeys and a pacemaker and am presently 84 yo, lets swat this once and for 
all till then.

You have made it very clear not to assign a pw to root, do everything 
with sudo.  In which case lets make sudo work since its only used about 
20% of the time now. From the cli TBE. But we've been configuring cups 
from localhost:631 for well over 15 years now, no one wants to try and 
remember all the arcane text phrases used with lpadmin to configure 
anything as complex as even a 100 dollar brother b&w laser printer. I 
have all the brother drivers here for both printers, the other is a 
brother MFC-J6920DW, which is found 4 times by lpinfo -l -v. But it has 
both a usb cable and a net cable at its own ip.

> https://wiki.debian.org/PrintQueuesCUPS#webinterface

I have this page visible in FF right now, and its typical for linux docs, 
it makes the assumption that everyone has what I assume is a group of 
env vars so it doesn't waste a crossed t or a dot over a lowercase i to 
explain just who or what @LOCAL or @ADMIN or @SYSTEM or @OWNER actually 

So lets define them so one can have an idea at least of who or what they 
represent.  Once they are properly defined, maybe I can put them to some 
usefull purpose. At the end of the day, I want them to Just Work.  So 
lets start with the denial even though I am a member of the lpadmin 

Thank you.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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