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Re: [x] quote me freely (Was: No Wifi Option)

Quoting rhkramer@xxxxxxxxx (2019-05-05 20:15:59)
> BTW: I'm thinking about borrowing part of your sig line, specifically 
> the
> [x] quote me freely  [ ] ask before reusing  [ ] keep private
> perhaps with a modification -- hmm, thinking out loud, I was going to 
> add "with attribution" to "quote me freely", but maybe that is implied 
> by the word "quote" -- I'll think about that ;-)

Happy that you find it useful!  Took me some time to refine.

Yes, my intention with "quote" was indeed to encourage credit.

...but only encourage, deliberately not require: That'd be licensing 
which I consider too heavy for my texts in general :-)

 - Jonas

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 [x] quote me freely  [ ] ask before reusing  [ ] keep private

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