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Re: buster VM does not always start sshd

On 04/05/2019 19:18, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> fw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> I've got a buster VM (upgraded from stretch) which does not launch
>> sshd (and Unbound) until a login attempt happens on a TTY.  (An
>> unsuccessful attempt appears to be enough.)
>> At that point, both sshd and Unbound start successfully, and network
>> login is possible.  I don't think I have changed the service
>> configuration.  There is nothing unusual about the networking setup,
>> except that it doesn't use DHCP, and there is a static stanza in
>> /etc/network/interfaces, with a matching auto directive.
> The most likely cause is lack of randomness at boot. Check your boot
> messages for "crng init done". This is biting lots of people.
> If you're running a VM, look into how to share a random device from
> the host.
If you can't manage that, consider whether `haveged` provides
secure-enough entropy gathering for you.