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Re: No Wifi Option


BTW: I'm thinking about borrowing part of your sig line, specifically the 

[x] quote me freely  [ ] ask before reusing  [ ] keep private

perhaps with a modification -- hmm, thinking out loud, I was going to add "with 
attribution" to "quote me freely", but maybe that is implied by the word 
"quote" -- I'll think about that ;-)

Have a good day!

On Sunday, May 05, 2019 11:39:55 AM Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Quoting rhkramer@xxxxxxxxx (2019-05-05 17:08:49)
> > PS: I happen to have a wired (RJ-45) Internet connection.  If I had
> > the problem, I'd be tempted to install Debian using the wired
> > connection, then work on configuring the wireless connection.  (On the
> > other hand, I suspect an *buntu installation might work fine over
> > WiFi.)
> Debian+nonfree generally works fine over wifi as well.
>  - Jonas