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Re: Is Debian 9 supposed to work on a Geode?

Björn Persson wrote:

> Yes, some kind of disk access problem seems likely, seeing that the
> disk activity light gets stuck on. This SATA SSD is the one and only
> storage device in the box, and the bios and Grub read it just fine, but
> maybe Linux somehow can't.

I suggested to try booting without systemd and if it does not work with
init=/bin/sh - then try find out what is missing. I recall problem with
udev not createing devices, but could be anything - the only way to find
out is to get into the boot/initrd shell.

It could be also you are missing drivers in the initrd - but therea re so
many possible reasons for failure, I would not speculate on them - just go
into the shell and try find out what is the issue.