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Files sidebar Folder shorcuts, namely 'Documents'


I think this is a baby question, but thought I would throw you all a
bone :-)

I want to setup a shortcut that basically uses my cloud's "Documents"
folder, instead of the Debian /home/user version.

I can use the ln command, and make a symbolic link as simple as:

ln --symbolic /home/user/Documents /home/user/cloud/Documents

The ramifications of that? I don't know. 

I tried to search around, but as an be imagined, "Files" doesn't help

I mostly just want to sidebar "Documents" to be my cloud's Documents. I
can just drag it to the sidebar (it will be near the bottom), but my
home/user/Documents remains. I cannot delete it or change it (I am sure
there is a way, I just don't know).

I would like to remove, or alter the above "Documents" if there is a
simple way--which I assume there is.

Anyone have an familiarity with this? Thanks