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Re: Is Debian 9 supposed to work on a Geode?

> When I see "uSD slot, easy accessible" in a bulleted list of what looks
> like requirements, then I get the impression that any device that lacks
> a microSD slot, or where it's not easy to access, would be excluded. I
> wouldn't reject an otherwise promising computer just because it has a
> SATA disk instead of a microSD card, and I don't mind using a
> screwdriver if I need to replace a hard disk. That's all I meant.

Most of those ARM SBCs come with a µSD slot plus other things.
Even if you connect a SATA disk, you'll often need a µSD because some
of those SBCs don't have any on-board flash memory, so you need the µSD
to hold the U-Boot (which plays the role of the BIOS) without which the
board doesn't even know how to read from the SATA disk.

IOW it's not "SATA or µSD?" but rather "does it support SATA
(additionally to µSD)?"