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Re: testing: weird resume (black or frozen screen)

Il 22/04/19 21:20, Andrea Borgia ha scritto:

This meant that X session was not locked and, now after resuming, the apps are still there and the mouse moves. Thing is, nothing else works: can't click anywhere, alt-tab does nothing, only switching back to console works. Clock is stuck at 20 minutes ago, too.

Replying to self for documentation, in case someone else has this problem: it is most likely to be kernel-related, just not the one from Debian.

I'm using a custom kernel for my Ryzen "G" (with embedded graphics):

* 5.0.1 works (with either ucode 2.50 or 2.60)
* anything above exhibits this issue (and occasionally another one, no poweroff at the end of hibernation).

Here is the ticket: