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Re: dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration (Swedish with "|" and "¦"?)

Den 2019-05-05 kl. 04:31, skrev Doug:

What is on the last key on the right, directly above the right Enter key? On a US keyboard, the is a back slant (unshifted) and the pipe, shifted. You haven't mentioned that key at all.

The print on that physical key on the Teres laptop is backslash \ and (shifted) pipe | .

The keyboard physically looks like this (also the black letters map on the print on the keys):


except for the last row that from left has <ctrl><Fn><penguin><Alt><Spacebar><Alt><Menu><ctrl>.

Btw, that svg file seems to refer to an ISO standard that looks current:


So maybe the Teres keyboard is actually standard compliant, despite (or thanks to?) the penguin key?