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Re: dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration (Swedish with "|")

Den 2019-05-04 kl. 21:43, skrev Jonas Smedegaard:
For danish, picking the layout "Danish (Win keys) has pipe key reachable
as AltGr+= (where AltGr is the right Alt key).

I also set "Menu" (which is the key between right Alt and right Ctrl) as
compose key.

So if you were to make a Danish Teres laptop, you'd make the following choices in dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration?

Keyboard model:              Generic 102-key PC (intl.)
Keyboard layout:             Danish - (Win keys)
Key to function as AltGr:    The default for the keyboard layout
Compose key:                 Menu key
Use Control+Alt+Backspace to
terminate the X server?      <No>

Those won't work for me, but there are a couple of Finnish options I will try.

Thanks for taking time.