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Re: Which nvidia driver am I using

Erwan David composed on 2019-05-04 22:06 (UTC+0200):

>>  Have you tried disabling compositing in systemsettings5?

> No, but has it an effect on the globall display ?

It can reduce overhead and make problems go away. It can serve as a
troubleshooting step, as simple to engage as disengage.

>>  Does the trouble go away if you use a different WM?

> I have only KDE

That's easy to fix at minimal cost:

	apt install icewm

It takes little space and makes it simple to discern whether the trouble is in
KDE/Plasma or not. Once installed, select it from the SDDM login greeter.

Does the trouble begin in SDDM, or only after logging into Plasma? Are you
graphical booting with Plymouth? If so, it might be worth disabling or purging. It
can be a problem for NVidia users.

> However I I must completely reinstall the nvidia driver for this, I'll
> firts purge all those packages, hoping it will be sufficient to get a
> working nouveau installation. 

Any time NVidia has been installed, to get any other DDX to work requires perfect
purging of the proprietary software, which may have included blacklisting and/or
library changes. With as many nvidia-legacy packages as you still have installed,
I'm surprised the modesetting DDX is even trying to work. Once you've purged the
old NVidia packages, modesetting and/or nouveau should work better, but even if
not, that becomes the point at which to try installing whatever NVidia package is

Since Buster hasn't been released yet, it might be that your trouble is worth a
bug report.
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