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Re: Basic concepts and proper useage of UEFI

rowlett@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>This post was prompted by recent discussion of problems/cautions 
>concerning UEFI. All my machines boot in Legacy BIOS mode and I have 
>minimal background in UEFI.
>A preliminary web search yielded:
>> http://x86asm.net/articles/introduction-to-uefi/
>> https://blog.thomasmarcussen.com/tag/configmgr/
>> https://blog.thomasmarcussen.com/unified-extensible-firmware-interface-uefi/
>> https://wiki.restarters.net/UEFI_and_GPT
>> http://x86asm.net/articles/others/index.html
>> https://www.thomas-krenn.com/en/wiki/GUID_Partition_Table
>I have not yet read these in detail. Is there other introductory 
>material that would be recommended.

I've alwo written a lot about UEFI in relation to Debian in the wiki:


>Also, in https://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2019/05/msg00107.html , it 
>was suggested that a separate thread be begun on the question of
>   "Whether or not you can update/install UEFI if you are not booted
>    into UEFI."

The normal way to use a system with UEFI firmware involves
using/updating boot variables via UEFI Runtime Services. You can only
set those variables up when your system is already running in UEFI

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