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Re: Can't install addons for firefox

Thanks Cindy, Jonas, Curt, Trevor and Erwan for all the good info.  I
wish my internet searches were as effective as yours!

I noticed a few days ago that I started having problems accessing a
lot of sites through https* (might have been on Windows at the time,
either FF or FF ESR).  The errors always reported that the site policy
required using https and that the site's certificate was no good
because it expired in the 1970s!  This struck me as more likely a
browser problem than a site problem, but I haven't dug into it.  I
wonder if it's related.

Back to my original problem: if it's just triggered by an expired
mozilla certificate, I would expect fixing the certificate to be the
start and end of the fix, not all these code updates they've been
pushing.   But if FF is misreading expiration dates, as my https
problems suggest, that would require code.

It sounds as if the easiest options are 1) disabling security for
addons or 2) switching to current (non-ESR) FF and enabling "run
studies" 3) wait.
I think I'll try 3 since I have other stuff to work on and prefer to
keep security tight.


*Problems only arose with some indirection, which is one reason I
didn't follow up.  For example, I'd be browsing forums and could
navigate around and read messages fine.  But if I right-clicked on a
link to see a related posting in a new tab, I'd get the security