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Re: Can't install addons for firefox

Quoting Ross Boylan (2019-05-04 18:27:26)
> Running firefox-esr on buster I don't seem to be able to install
> addons.  I tried selenium IDE and katalon.  Has Debian blocked the
> installation of addons?  I don't see indications of that in the docs
> or the net.
> Likewise, I know selenium (and maybe katalon) have had compatibility
> issues with some versions of FF, but the page from which I installed
> the addons (which was via the addon manager in FF) doesn't mention
> anything.
> And, if FF selectively blocks addons for which a Debian package is
> available, that doesn't seem to apply since there are no such
> packages.  There are some selenium packages, but not as a FF
> extension.

It is an error in Mozilla infrastructure upstream - they have fixed it 
by abusing a backdoor in Firefox to update a certificate, but Debian 
has that backdoor disabled by default.


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