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Can't install addons for firefox

Running firefox-esr on buster I don't seem to be able to install
addons.  I tried selenium IDE and katalon.  Has Debian blocked the
installation of addons?  I don't see indications of that in the docs
or the net.

Likewise, I know selenium (and maybe katalon) have had compatibility
issues with some versions of FF, but the page from which I installed
the addons (which was via the addon manager in FF) doesn't mention

And, if FF selectively blocks addons for which a Debian package is
available, that doesn't seem to apply since there are no such
packages.  There are some selenium packages, but not as a FF

Any ideas?



The FF console log shows
Events to handle the installation initialized. BigInteger.js:27
[GA: ON] sendEvent {"hitType":"event","eventCategory":"AMO Addon
Installs Download Failed","eventAction":"addon","eventLabel":"Katalon
Recorder"} BigInteger.js:27
Error: install failed

The first log entries are warnings:
Content Security Policy: Directive ‘child-src’ has been deprecated.
Please use directive ‘worker-src’ to control workers, or directive
‘frame-src’ to control frames respectively.
Content Security Policy: Couldn’t process unknown directive ‘prefetch-src’

Then there are a bunch of errors like
Content Security Policy: The page’s settings blocked the loading of a
resource at self (“style-src”). Source: width:119%.