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Re: Trouble making bootable USB from ISO image

On 2019-05-04, Richard Owlett <rowlett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 05/03/2019 11:50 AM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
>> Hello
>> I'm trying to use Stretch to write a .ISO image to a USB device. The
>> image is the Windows 10 installer ... which I downloaded from Microsoft, and
>> which they claim should be able to be written to a USB device. ...
> What was the URL?
> I've just read this thread for the first time, reading it as a unit. I'm 
> concerned that Microsoft's context{poor_word?} may be significantly 
> different from the assumptions being made in the replies.
>> I'm attempting to test the image before booting the installer on the
>> final computer earmarked for sacrifice to this project. ...
> Why use the term "sacrifice"?

To make clear his abhorrence of that other OS (he's only in this for the
sake of the kids), so he won't be banished east of Eden where the
closed-source devil is rife.

> Also, the OP said that this is part of an educational project.
> Does that put any constraint on how useful some answers may be?

I made a kind of pedagogical foray earlier myself, now that you mention

The boys at first were very polite about my medals and asked me what I had done
to get them. I showed them the papers, which were written in very beautiful
language and full of fratellanza and abnegazione, but which really said, with
the adjectives removed, that I had been given the medals because I was 
an American. - "Another Country"