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Re: Trouble making bootable USB from ISO image


deloptes wrote:
> don't forget that to create UEFI bootable partition, you need to boot in
> UEFI. It does not work if you boot in legacy MBR - unfortunately - it took
> me 1 day to find out :)

I doubt that this applies to the situation of Mark Fletcher.
The goal of the hack is not to create the content of the EFI partition but
only to mark its position and purpose by an entry in the partition table.

The partition editor should of course refrain from altering the partition
content. Therefore i'd try /sbin/fdisk rather than the extra smart ones,
which create new filesystems.

The problem which you mention could be interesting, too. How about a
sketch of what you tried, what failed, and what succeeded ?
(A new thread would keep this one on topic.)

Have a nice day :)