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pmount could perhaps be of greater utility?

>From the pmount manpage for stretch:

 pmount device [ label ]

 This will mount device to a directory below /media if policy is met
 (see below). If  label is given, the mount point will be /media/label,
 otherwise it will be /media/device.

 There doesn't seem to be an option for pmount to mount at

 To provide that convenient automation, I use:

 $ which lmount
 lmount is a function
 lmount () 
     pmount $1 `e2label $1`

 Is it worth adding a pmount option to provide that simple but useful
 convenience for general consumption?

 Why? Well some days the automounter just doesn't work on my old Debian
 install. The little LED on the stick blinks furiously for seconds on
 end after stick insertion, but then ... nada. No joy on running mount
 to see if the absence of the GUI navigator-thingy really is indicative.
 And my script for off-site backups expects the backup media at the
 mountpoint which the automounter normally sets, based on the label.
 Just a thought.