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Re: which mutt?

On 03.05.19 18:01, Russell L. Harris wrote:
> P.S.  Would someone kindly tell me how, while in Mutt and reading a
> message such as this, to launch a browser to open links such as [1]
> and [2] above?

A convenient alternative is to just double-click on a link in mutt's
display in an xterm, then paste anywhere in the middle of firefox/iceweasel
(not in the URL box up top). That works with a simple config:

URL Drop to Invoke:
   To be able to drop a URL anywhere in the window, to open it:
   Put about:config in the URL box, scroll to  middlemouse.contentLoadURL, and
   click to toggle it to true. Now a URL highlighted in an xterm can be pasted
   to firefox (and opened) with one middlemouse click - even if it has a
   spurious space/line-break in it.  (Thanks to John L. Fjellstad)

Then html messages can generally be subjected to e.g.:

text/html; /usr/bin/html2text '%s'; copiousoutput; description=HTML Text

which preserves the recipient's text experience, keeping display in
mutt. (Yup, the real one - since late last millennium. ;-)


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