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Re: which mutt?

* On 2019 02 May 23:45 -0500, Russell L. Harris wrote:
> I searched and read a number of list threads on the matter of Mutt vs.
> neoMutt, but most of the threads I found were a few years old, so I do
> not know the outcome of the matter.  I also found a web page which
> says that Debian 10 is going to offer a "neoMutt" package.  Does this
> mean that Debian 10 also is going to offer a "Mutt" package, or is
> neoMutt going to be the sole Mutt offering?

In the Testing repository both are available.  Mutt is at version
1.10.1-2 and neoMutt is at version 20180716+dfsg.1-1.  I am using the
neomutt package due to its offering of additional attachment header
highlighting capability.

> I used Mutt years ago; I wish now to run the stable version of the
> original Mutt, maintained by Elkins and company.  And, if at all
> possible, I wish to install an official Mutt package from the Debian
> repository.

If you are satisfied with Mutt's capability it will work well.  I've
been using Mutt for almost 20 years and it has continued to serve me
well without any surprises.  Weigh the features of each against what you
wish to accomplish and choose the one that is best for you.

- Nate


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