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which mutt?

On Debian 9 (amd64), I installed Mutt.  The synaptic description says the package is 1.7.2 and has neoMutt patches.  But the "V" command in Mutt reports the version as "NeoMutt 20170113 (1.7.2)".

I searched and read a number of list threads on the matter of Mutt vs. neoMutt, but most of the threads I found were a few years old, so I do not know the outcome of the matter.  I also found a web page which says that Debian 10 is going to offer a "neoMutt" package.  Does this mean that Debian 10 also is going to offer a "Mutt" package, or is neoMutt going to be the sole Mutt offering?

I used Mutt years ago; I wish now to run the stable version of the original Mutt, maintained by Elkins and company.  And, if at all possible, I wish to install an official Mutt package from the Debian repository.