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Re: forcedeth?

Le 02/05/2019 à 13:25, Gene Heskett a écrit :

Ha anything been done to forcedeth since wheezy?

Why are you asking ?

I have installed the LCNC version of stretch

What is LCNC and how does if differ from vanilla stretch ?

The network was easy to make work after the install (the installer
doesn't keep the settings its given, and which work during the install,
but there is no way to get the networking going after the installs
reboot on this machine.

The installer uses the same ethernet drivers as the installed system. If the NIC driver worked during the installation, it should work equally in the installed system and your problem is a configuration issue.

To get the Dell to work, all I had to do was edit /etc/network/interfaces.d/setup
And restart the networking.

Do not do this. It does not work. ifupdown does not keep state of the original configuration, so when you stop the interface using the new configuration which does not match th old one, you will get errors. Stop the interface(s), edit the config files(s) and start the interface(s) instead.

And theres no way to even trace its failure because strace is not
installed. The error message is very explicit, RTNETWORK, whatever the
heck that is, says "file exists", followed by "failed."

Configuration issue. You don't need strace.
1) Check the contents of all /etc/network/interfaces{,d/*}
2) Check the current interface status with ip addr
2) Run ifdown -v --force eth0 ; ifup -v eth0

Do I file a bug against forcedeth?

What seriously makes you thing forcedeth is involved ?