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Re: Is there a way to install Debian iso's from an existing installation onto a USB connected drive?


i am trying to make sense of the title of this thread.

If it is about putting an existing individual Debian installation as
bootable ISO system onto an USB stick: Difficult, at best.

If it is about replacing the use of Debian Live on DVD by Debian Live
on USB stick, then the proposals of dd, cat, and cp will do with a
current Debian Live ISO image.
E.g. from

Important is that you use the base device, e.g. /dev/sdc, not a partition
device like e.g. /dev/sdc1.
Further be aware that all old content of the USB drive will become
nearly unaccessible if not overwritten. Your drive will get a new
partition table by copying the Live ISO. (Make sure you use the right
/dev/sd? as copy target. Not your system disk.)

See also
Verification of the written USB drive is done as with DVD. See

Have a nice day :)