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Re: forcedeth?

Gene Heskett wrote:
> And theres no way to even trace its failure because strace is not 
> installed. The error message is very explicit, RTNETWORK, whatever the 
> heck that is, says "file exists", followed by "failed."
> Do I file a bug against forcedeth? or whats next?  Or if someone is using 
> forcedeth and made it work, what did you do?  I am at wits end.
> Thanks for reading everybody.

  strace doesn't have any dependencies so you should
be able to grab that deb from /var/cache/apt/archives
on the machine that is working or from the on-line

  have you tried the latest testing installer images?

  and i always set the boot parameter to get eth0 naming
from the kernel:  net.ifnames=0

  sorry i cannot be more specific, but i don't have that