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How do I trace changes in configuration files?

I'm trying to learn how to set up my two Teres laptops so that they are identical.

I have now repeated the [first steps] a couple of times so that I feel that I know what I am doing (I don't necessarily understand what I am doing though). I have two identical machines that run from two identical SD cards.

So I'm ready for the next step, configuring some of the programs that are installed (e.g. shotwell, thunderbird and xfce itself).

I have tried to document my personal preferences before, but I have always ended up with unreadable handwritten notes.

This time I thought I should do it in a more systematic way by somehow capture the difference between the default install and the result of my (often irrational) efforts to make my machines look and feel like I want it to.

So, is there a way to trace/record/capture changes in all configuration files?

The idea is then to just replace the default configuration files with the files where my preferences have been saved.

Thanks for taking time.


[first steps] https://box.redpill.dk (I do box-add-gui, not box-add-tui )