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Re: Is Debian 9 supposed to work on a Geode?

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>So if this processor is actually not supported anymore (contrary to the
>information that Jonas Smedegaard linked to), then it looks like I
>should get started on replacing the hardware, rather than putting a lot
>of work into temporary solutions. It's sad to have to throw away
>working hardware, but that's the way it is in the whole industry.
>Debian is at least better than many others in that regard.

Before you dump it, I'd sure confirm the situation, document the flags and 
file a bug against the release notes, so maybe that can get fixed in 
buster release notes?  You never know, you might have some botched 
upgrade issue. I always try 'acpi=off single' kernel params first, then 
start disabling everything I can in BIOS or physically removing hardware 
if single user mode won't boot.  The param 'systemd.restore_state=0' got 
me into otherwise unbootable machines more than once.

I know how it is, I have a nice old K6-3 amd @450mHz system, around 1996 I 
think?  I can't run stretch on it, but I still use it. Just can't bring 
myself to trash it.

Peace out,