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Re: Request for a Good Practice for webdev doc.

On 04/28/2019 01:17 PM, deloptes wrote:
I've read
[ URL deleted to focus on wider issue]
but i thinks there are more questions.

Short answer: MANY**MULTITUDINOUS   ;/

Ask and you will be answered.

On debian-user ???

Perhaps consider subscribing the list that will deliver the answers

How to find such a list?
Case in point - I wish to explore "corner cases".
[ otherwise known in 'universal advice' as "DON'T do dat" ]

{To clarify - DON'T *EVER* try my questions on a system on which you depend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}

Back to my point -- is there a list aimed at experimenters ?
[ especially one which recognizes that experiments ~= *FAIL*
  and potential rewards are worth the GRIEF]

OWL hereby DUCKS fer cover ;/