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stretch vs ssh -Y logins

I just installed a stretch testing from the LCNC folks, and must say, and 
short from the rooftops, a thank you for the new partitioner.  
Absolutely spot on, exactly whats been needed for 20 years.
Of course the network settings were lost at the initial reboot but thats 
been intermittent ever since N-M was intro'ed, and a 15 minute session 
with nano fixed all that. Brought /etc/network/interfaces.d/setup up to 
date for static, and updated the /etc/hosts file, restarted the network 
and its off to the races.

Just one problem. I do all the admin stuff from the only comfy office 
chair on the premises via an ssh -Y login as 1st user to all of the 
machines here, my back does not enjoy standing up in awkward stances to 
do the admin stuff like running synaptic as all these machines have a 
machine to run, with monitors, keyboards and mice whereever they won't 
fall and break hitting a concrete floor.  But I find that something in 
the pam dept is locking me out.  And gksudo, which does it for my one 
jessie install, is apparently no more.

So how do I fix this? Its a showstopper for me.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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