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Re: Is Debian 9 supposed to work on a Geode?

bw wrote:

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>>So my question is: Is the Geode LX among the dropped processors, or is
>>the hang a bug that should be fixed?
> You tested a live 686 image, or the installer?

I am running few small firewalls/openvpns on Geode industrial board/PC. I
had a lot of pain couple of years ago upgrading to jessie and lenny,
because of the kernel and especially because of a chipset for CF on the
Long story short, I have latest kernel custom build and I am on the geode
mailing list. From time to time they push patches, so it looks like support
is still alive in some ways. The code is in the kernel and gets the
updates. only debian does not bother to build kernel < 686. The 686 image
does not work AFAIR, bit i586 fits best.

$ uname -a
Linux fw 4.19.25gx2 #2 Wed Mar 20 21:13:42 CET 2019 i586 GNU/Linux

I did install using debootstrap on the CF many years ago, but I tried
recently netboot with the custom kernel as well. All works fine.

Let me know if you have specific questions.