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Re: Request for a Good Practice for webdev doc.

aprekates wrote:

> Experimenting with wsgi and python webapp dev
> i came upon issues and roads to choose mainly
> regarding to installation , deployment and security
> related issues.
> sudo pip install ..   or  pip install

don't work as root if not necessary

> is virtualenv secure or is just redicect trickery and
> not a real chroot enviroment ?

I personally prefer this. I don't want to mess up my work environment - this
stays clean and stable. I use chroot if possible, if not virtual machine or
emulator. I have also few test devices around, before putting things in

> Should i make another user for developement ?

The least you could do - but still all depends what you want to do.
Development is not dangerous thing - more dangerous is deploying untested

> I think by a little search to the net around similar questions thats
> a doc from the community , endorsing some good practices for
> developers could be of help.
> I've read
> but i thinks there are more questions.

Ask and you will be answered. Perhaps consider subscribing the list that
will deliver the answers - this here is general debian user list. It is not
for python or for development. Although we share thoughts on all
(meaningful) topics.