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Re: Is Debian 9 supposed to work on a Geode?

Quoting Björn Persson (2019-04-28 18:43:48)
> I have a small server with a Geode processor – Geode LX 500 MHz 
> according to the BIOS boot screen – which I needed to upgrade from 
> Debian 8 to Debian 9. I know that Debian has dropped support for i586, 
> but I haven't been able to find a definitive answer to how that 
> affects Geodes. What little I could find on the Web seemed to suggest 
> that Geodes are mostly like i686, which is supposed to still be 
> supported by Debian 9, so I decided to try it, took a backup, and took 
> the plunge.
> It turns out that the kernel from Debian 9 won't boot. Both Linux 
> 4.9.0-8-686 and 4.9.0-9-686 appear to hang early in the boot process. 
> Everything else seems to work, so right now I'm running Debian 9 on 
> Linux 3.16.0-8-586 from Debian 8. This works for now, but it's 
> obviously not a long-term solution.
> So my question is: Is the Geode LX among the dropped processors, or is 
> the hang a bug that should be fixed?

The officially supported CPUs - and how to check if yours is covered:

Some background on why the cut is there exactly: 

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