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Re: apt-cacher-ng's expiry job failing

On Sat 27 Apr 2019 at 07:47:44 (-0300), Eduardo M KALINOWSKI wrote:
> On 26/04/2019 13:05, David Wright wrote:
> > Today's successful run, which removed probably most of the wheezy
> > packages in my cache¹, had the following error in the log:
> >
> > Error at security.debian.org/debian-security/dists/stretch/updates/19704841552237202370979443
> >
> > but it didn't stop the run. This file exists, but is actually at
> > /var/cache/apt-cacher-ng/_xstore/rsnap/security.debian.org/…
> > so take a look there perhaps.
> That made me look for a file with that name in the whole hierarchy, and
> I found it at
> /var/cache/apt-cacher-ng/_xstore/rsnap/debrep/dists/unstable/45961554550630227606591
> I removed the file and it started complaining about other similar files.
> After deleting a couple, the logs became even more unhelpful:
> Maintenance task Expiration, apt-cacher-ng version: 2 (Cancel)
> Locating potentially expired files in the cache...
> Scanning, found 1 file...
> Scanning, found 2 files...
> Scanning, found 4 files...
> Scanning, found 8 files...
> Scanning, found 16 files...
> Scanning, found 32 files...
> Scanning, found 64 files...
> Scanning, found 128 files...
> Scanning, found 256 files...
> Scanning, found 512 files...
> Scanning, found 1024 files...
> Scanning, found 2048 files...
> Found 2427 files.
> Checking implicitly referenced files...
> Restoring virtual file
> debrep/dists/testing/contrib/Contents-i386.diff/Index (equal to )
> Restoring virtual file
> debrep/dists/testing/contrib/i18n/Translation-en.diff/Index (equal to )
> Restoring virtual file
> debrep/dists/unstable/contrib/i18n/Translation-en.diff/Index (equal to )
> Bringing index files up to date...
> Found errors during processing, aborting as requested.
> -- 
> Stult's Report:
> 	Our problems are mostly behind us.  What we have to do now is
> 	fight the solutions.

No solutions here, I'm afraid.

Today's run, which could have been running neck and neck with updating
and upgrading the point release¹, was again successful, but only needed
to tag some files without removing any.

The log contained one error again, this time for the file
debrep/dists/stretch/19774491550329202244056132 which is in
The file is alone in that directory, and it's unsigned. Its timestamp
is about the time that the update ran, but its internal timestamp is

There's no message arising from the file 19704841552237202370979443
which is still present.

In both cases the error was reported at the changeover from the
"Restoring virtual file…" phase to "Checking …" and
"Checking/Updating …" phases. So it might be the case that my
error occurs in a different phase from yours, and that yours is
treated as more serious.

But the other possibility is that the problem arises from caching
unstable. I ran into problems when I cached jessie on a wheezy
system, and had to use both backports and backports-sloppy at
various times to accomplish expiration of an overgrown cache.

Sorry to be the blind leading the blind.