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Re: Obtaining/compiling/installing python3.7

On 2019-04-27, Richard Owlett <rowlett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> https://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=python3.7
>> python3.7 is available in testing.
> Using Buster was my original idea but it's not ready in ways important 
> to me. I had been looking for Python3.7 in backports. What snags might I 
> hit attempting to use a testing package in stable? I'm using an isolated 
> system so I can take some risks.

I would do it this way (maybe not the very best way because I'm pretty


The essential thing is not to touch or overwrite the default python
installation in /usr/bin/python, which would break certain things (or
many things) as I think you've already kind of discovered earlier, maybe.

This would be the frankensnag in installing the testing package,
creating a hybrid monster of a distro that might attack your
grandchildren when you're not looking (python being rather integral to 
the running OS, I think).

A docker instance (of which I know next to nothing) would be completely
sandboxed (if that is the term) and sans danger, in my understanding of
it. In that regard, why people don't run or suggest a docker Firefox
(which I believe exists somewhere) to assuage security concerns I'm
uncertain (perhaps more trouble than it's worth). 

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