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Re: Net::DNS::Nameserver

On 26.04.19 23:09, mick crane wrote:
> I did wonder if was some scheme I was unaware of.
> I noticed a couple of weeks ago somebody used these "::" between words to
> identify something.
> Like in apt you have
> /var/lib/apt/lists/security.debian.org_debian-security_dists_buster_updates_main_source_Sources
> made me think that these dots was some way of identifying a thing so that
> everything is the same over the whole wide world .
> Or something like that.

More the opposite. i.e. make the tail end of the long::name::thingy
identifiable in a _restricted_ scope. The :: nomenclature first appeared
(to my eyes) in C++ several decades ago. For perl to adopt an existing
convention is a step forward for the language.

Here's a brief exchange describing ::, the scope-resolution operator:



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