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Re: WebRTC software

On 2019.04.26 10:43, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
WebRTC is not one but a range of things.

Since you mention Asterisk, you are probably looking for an SFU - one of
the best SFUs, Janus, is in Debian (maintained by me).  The contrib
package janus-demos can be used as basis for custom applications around

You might find my notes on the subject of some use:

I have need for a one-on-one video conferencing system. I find appealing the privacy of hosting my own server, but the big advantage would be that the guy on the other end can just type in my URL without installing a package and configuring it. This is the first time I have heard of Janus. I was considering Jitsi Meet, but that package appears to be not yet in the "it just works" category. My next selection for video conferencing would have been Ekiga, but Ekiga requires installation and configuration on both ends.

Am I misunderstanding the role and capabilities of Janus, or would Janus would suit my application? Is Janus suitable for one-on-one conferencing over a "garden-variety" link (2000 kbit/sec download, 500 kbit/sec upload)?