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Re: WebRTC software

Jonas Smedegaard (12019-04-26):
> WebRTC is not one but a range of things.
> Since you mention Asterisk, you are probably looking for an SFU - one of 
> the best SFUs, Janus, is in Debian (maintained by me).  The contrib 
> package janus-demos can be used as basis for custom applications aorund 
> Janus.
> You might find my notes on the subject of some use: 
> http://source.redpill.dk/media-stream-hosting.git/tree/README.md

Thanks for the pointer. I do not think it what I am looking for,
although it may be part of it.

What I am looking for is the HTML5 video-conference that is presented to
the user.

It will require a web-server, of course; this part I know how to handle.
I suppose it will also require some kind of connecting software,
possibly Janus or Janus+Asterisk. I expect it to be documented.

Basically, I would like to know all the software needed to build a web
page where a user can click on "call this person" and arrive to a
video-conference. This is vague: if I find something interesting, I will
be able to see what it can actually do and refine my question.


  Nicolas George

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