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Re: apt-cacher-ng's expiry job failing

On Thu 25 Apr 2019 at 13:08:07 (+0000), Eduardo M KALINOWSKI wrote:
> The daily apt-cacher-ng expiry job is failing in my machine. It refers
> me to a log file, whose contents are:
> ---
> Maintenance task Expiration, apt-cacher-ng version: 2
> Locating potentially expired files in the cache...
> Scanning, found 1 file...
> Scanning, found 2 files...
> Scanning, found 4 files...
> Scanning, found 8 files...
> Scanning, found 16 files...
> Scanning, found 32 files...
> Scanning, found 64 files...
> Scanning, found 128 files...
> Scanning, found 256 files...
> Scanning, found 512 files...
> Scanning, found 1024 files...
> Found 1617 files.
> Checking implicitly referenced files...
> Restoring virtual file
> debrep/dists/testing/contrib/Contents-i386.diff/Index (equal to )
> Restoring virtual file
> debrep/dists/testing/contrib/i18n/Translation-en.diff/Index (equal to
> )
> Restoring virtual file
> debrep/dists/unstable/contrib/i18n/Translation-en.diff/Index (equal to
> )
> Bringing index files up to date...
> Restoring virtual file
> debrep/dists/unstable/contrib/i18n/Translation-en.diff/Index (equal to
> )
> Error at debrep/dists/unstable/45961554550630227606591
> Found errors during processing, aborting as requested.
> ---
> I can also run the expiry from its web interface, and get the same results.
> Unfortunately, it does not make clear *what* is the error that was
> found. The only clue is 'Error at
> debrep/dists/unstable/45961554550630227606591', but there is no such
> file under
>  /var/cache/apt-cacher-ng/debrep/dists/unstable .
> Anyone has any clue on how to fix this problem?

This probably won't be of great help.

Today's successful run, which removed probably most of the wheezy
packages in my cache¹, had the following error in the log:

Error at security.debian.org/debian-security/dists/stretch/updates/19704841552237202370979443

but it didn't stop the run. This file exists, but is actually at
so take a look there perhaps.

The contents of the file look sane. Running a diff against the next
version showed that a fair number of files had been updated, and
the signature was completely different. However, that next version
and the one after that showed that the signature is always different
regardless of content, because there were no update differences in
the rest of the file.

These files go back months, and their timestamps seem to correspond
to the times when my   apt-get update   runs occur. So perhaps you
could try hiding the file and running the web interface again.

¹ I had to decrease ExStartTradeOff from 500m to 10m to give
expiration a push because jessie and stretch have been quite quiet
in the period since I removed all wheezy's apt-cacher-ng metadata.