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Re: WebRTC software

Quoting Nicolas George (2019-04-26 17:13:05)
> I would like some advice about good HTML5 WebRTC video-conference 
> software, preferably packaged by Debian, at least Libre and 
> trustworthy.
> Also, I would appreciate if it can do screen-casting too. Probably not 
> with a web browser client: A calls B from browser, B answers with a 
> dedicated client, B can show A their screen instead of their face.
> There will probably be an Asterisk server available.
> Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

WebRTC is not one but a range of things.

Since you mention Asterisk, you are probably looking for an SFU - one of 
the best SFUs, Janus, is in Debian (maintained by me).  The contrib 
package janus-demos can be used as basis for custom applications aorund 

You might find my notes on the subject of some use: 

 - Jonas

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