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Re: Net::DNS::Nameserver

On 2019-04-26 12:48, tomas@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
On Fri, Apr 26, 2019 at 12:19:09PM +0100, mick crane wrote:
sorry to be a nuisance

You are not (not to me, at least :-)

can somebody explain generally what this scheme of things with the
dots has to do with ?
seen this in perl as the kind of hierarchy of modules but how is
this to do with the OS ?

~$ apropos nameserver
Net::DNS::Nameserver (3pm) - DNS server class

You mean those double colons ('::')?

If yes: those are just separators for the Perl module namespace, which
conceptually is a hierarchy. At the (right) end you can put some object
(function, variable) living in that module's [1] namespace.

Those are just a device to subdivide the namespace and to organize
file system "places" [1] -- they have no intrinsic "meaning" to perl
(i.e. the language itself has no notion of "Net" or "Net::DNS" -- just
of "Net::DNS::Nameserver").

Cf "perldoc -f require" for the full thing :-)


[1] In Perl parlance, it is a "package".
[2] Typically you'll find the package code in Net/DNS/Nameserver.pm
   under a suitable "module root", e.g. /usr/share/perl5. The whole
   list of roots is in the special array variable @INC.

-- tom??s

thanks, I don't think I'll ever properly comprehend this stuff but I do like it when things work.


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