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Re: Attempting a VERY minimal install (using --no-install-recommends ;)

Quoting Richard Owlett (2019-04-24 19:36:29)
> I'm attempting a very minimal install because:
> 1. small size in and of itself is a good goal
> 2. fending for oneself is a valuable educational experience compared
>     to having everything handed to you on a "golden platter" {Debian's
>     default installer}
> My current experiments revolve around defining my personal take on a 
> minimal MATE desktop. Part of the motivation is that some recommended 
> packages clash with ones I wish to use. Just removing offending packages 
> after the fact is unaesthetic.
> My test machine has both a default install from DVD 1 and my minimalist 
> install. I had done a standard install without specifying any GUI or 
> extra packages.
> My base setup was installed by doing
>    apt-get --no-install-recommends install task-mate-desktop
>    apt-get install pluma gparted synaptic

I share your interest in installing minimal systems without the deroute 
of first installing too much and then removing unwanted parts.

I understand from your subject that you deliberately chose to explore 
first creating a broken system and then attempt to unbreak it.

For the record, there's another (at least to me) more sensible approach 
of explicitly skipping packages you don't want - e.g. like this:

  apt-get install task-mate-desktop libreoffice- libreoffice-gtk3-

Personally I use aptitude in fullscreen mode (i.e. run "aptitude" with 
no non-option arguments) to explore package relations (dependencies, 
recommendations, suggests, and enancements) interactively.

When I then have a set of explicit package selections possibly with 
explicit recommendation suppressions, I save those as classes for the 
tool "boxer" for reuse across many different larger system compositions.

If anyone is interested in collaborating on that approach, I welcome you 
to join the Debian Tinker project: https://wiki.debian.org/DebianTinker

> All it lacks is internet connectivity.

Unless you examined _every_ ignored recommendation and confirmed that 
indeed you did not need it, you must mean "...known so far"!

 - Jonas

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