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Re: Synaptic error message -- how to respond

On 04/25/2019 03:15 AM, Curt wrote:
On 2019-04-24, Mark Allums <mark@allums.email> wrote:

I see the error message but do not know what to do.
Thanks for pointers.

Try rearranging your python(s) in your PATH.  I.e., swap py2 with py3.

Or possibly your py3 version needs to be downgraded.

Something about your python versions.


ConfigParser module has been revamped and renamed to configparser in Python 3.

Knowing the history of this machine, this may just the tip of an iceberg. I've a set of Debian 9.8 DVDs and generous amount of free disk space. It may be a time saver to do a fresh install. At least I would have a install in a known state.
Thank you.