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iwd and DNS (was: Re: Attempting a VERY minimal install (using --no-install-recommends ;))

Den 2019-04-25 kl. 07:21, skrev David Wright:
The only thing guaranteed by installing the "Depends" is that
all the function calls will point at some runnable code rather than
just pointing into thin air.

Thin air and deep waters is where I'm at.

I'm trying to set up the "tui" [text-based user interface] for the [Teres debian laptop].

I think the tui is designed to be quite minimal (hence I post in this thread).

I am surprised that I got iwd to connect to MY_OWN_WIFI:
        iwctl station wlan0 get-networks
        iwctl station wlan0 connect MY_OWN_WIFI

by copying psk file MY_OWN_WIFI.psk from another machine and then by putting it into /var/lib/iwd/ on the Teres debian laptop.

But it seems I have no DNS resolution (I can use the links-browser to go to web pages by IP numbers, but not by domain names).

I cannot do apt update. I get a "temporary failure resolving 'deb.debian.org'".

I'm not sure what exactly I'm asking for here. I guess I need the IP number of a DNS-server that some program can ask where deb.debian.org is located.

Grateful for hints.

Best regards.


[text-based user interface] https://box.redpill.dk/  (scroll down to ##Addons)
[Teres debian laptop] https://box.redpill.dk/cli_with_quirks/