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Re: Attempting a VERY minimal install (using --no-install-recommends ;)

On 04/24/2019 02:41 PM, mick crane wrote:
On 2019-04-24 18:36, Richard Owlett wrote:
I'm attempting a very minimal install because:
1. small size in and of itself is a good goal
2. fending for oneself is a valuable educational experience compared
   to having everything handed to you on a "golden platter" {Debian's
   default installer}

Not sure if you want small Debian is the place to start. Debian is I think when you want reliability. Think how it works is you want to build your own kernel with just the bits you need for your hardware and then install the software that you want from source. You can get tiny distributions, Slitax is 32 Mb or something and the System Rescue CDs have the useful software.
All depends what the end result you want is.

I could have phrased it differently.
I'm looking for what I consider to be a minimal *Debian* install.
When I first got interested in Linux, I had looked at projects such as "Linux From Scratch". I chose to go with Debian instead in the interest of productivity. But I do have the mindset appropriate to LFS.

BTW I'm of the CPM-80 era when 64k RAM and 10MB disk was ~= infinity. Also had an 8k Personal Electronic Transactor with mass storage on audio cassette.