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Re: firefox > Preferences > When Firefox starts.

Am 23. Apr, 2019 schwätzte Curt so:

moin moin,

On 2019-04-23, der.hans <deb-user@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I use different Firefox profiles for banking to improve isolation, so at
least they won't be attacked by a retailers tab.

I'm experimenting with Firefox containers for the isolation.

Looks interesting. I've just enabled it in 'about:config'

privacy.userContext.enabled       true

Is it builtin now? I've been installing the add on.

I now have a contextual menu entry "Reopen in Container" when
left-clicking on a tab, which lists the four default containers. The
wiki doesn't explain the difference between these pre-defined
containers, though (Home, Work, Banking, and Shopping) or whether you
can create your own (apparently "custom" containers is a future option).

I ignore those and create my own. It looks like it's just a label with
options for specific color and icon. The key is whether or not each is
isolated from the others.




Thanks for the heads up.



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