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Re: Debian Stretch freezes often

Hello Enzo and all,

I have had this issue in the past as well, with similar hardware (e.g.
Ryzen 5).

In my case, I had two causes.

1. I was too greedy, and tried to use RAM too fast, and RAM that was
not specified to work for the board (but it was so much cheaper). It
appeared to work, outside of the intermittent crashes. I scrambled a
bit, before realizing it affected all systems (had a windows
installation as well, that was also BSOD on me). 

The solution, adjust the timing of the RAM. This was tricky for me,
since I am not expert in RAM modifications, but basically had to ensure
to use proper voltage, speed (quite slow, like 2400 MHz, but doesn't
really matter for my applications).

2. Had other random stoppages because of my cpu/heatsink not sitting
properly. I remove it, cleaned the thermal paste, re-applied it, and
reseated the headsink/fan on my cpu. I am not a fan of the design of
the stock heatsink/fan that comes with the Ryzen, where you screw in
the four bolts with the springs. 

After all that, system was stable, and runs without issue, going to
sleep and waking, no problems.

These types of problems are almost 100% always hardware related, e.g.
not software/debian related, so focus on a hardware solution.

Good Luck! 

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From: Enzo Guerra <enzo_guerra@xxxxxxx>
To: debian-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Debian Stretch freezes often
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2019 07:17:28 -0400

having problem with Debian Stretch 
(installed around Mar 15, 2019, by netinstall)
it is freezing quite often
seems random while using different programs
my system:
Ryzen 5, 16gb, ASUS 320 motherboard, mp500 m.2 120gb ssd, debian on
complete disk (1 partition, also a swap partition), used uefi and lvm
have an amd rx560 gpu, installed non-free amdgpu driver
typically installed software (libs) with aptitude
aptitude reports no broken packages
did install GOG game BG2EE with instructions 
from https://wiki.dotslashplay.it/en/games/baldurs-gate-2
game plays okay, but freezes also
other programs i run:
gedit, make, g++-6, vim, evolution and iceweasel
not sure what information i can provide to help solve this problem
please let me know