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Re: Debian Stretch freezes often

On 4/23/19, songbird <songbird@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>   i can think of things to check - no time at the moment to dig
> into it further...
>   temperature  - use lm-sensors package

GOOD ONE! I'm going through that right now. My CPUs get throttled when
they hit 212 degrees... Cue the Robot running around flailing his arms
yelling, "Danger, Will Robinson!"....

In reality, my little laptop issues the most adorable warning that
sounds like a 6-inch Elf sneezing. The sound is nearly inaudible,
particularly when the... hardware sound feature is currently not

When the hardware does work, Elf's sneeze is so quiet that it would be
easy to miss in a noisy office or household... or e.g. if you walked
away from your computer for just a few seconds.

"sensors -f" and a new little desktop fan are my BFFs right now....

>   hardware issue - memtester or memtest86 or memtest86+ (not familiar with
> thesebut that is what my search comes up with)
>   graphics driver - check issues/bug tracker if they have one

Cindy :)
Cindy-Sue Causey
Talking Rock, Pickens County, Georgia, USA

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