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Re: Debian Stretch freezes often

Enzo Guerra wrote:
> hello
> having problem with Debian Stretch 
> (installed around Mar 15, 2019, by netinstall)
> it is freezing quite often
> seems random while using different programs
> my system:
> Ryzen 5, 16gb, ASUS 320 motherboard, mp500 m.2 120gb ssd, debian on
> complete disk (1 partition, also a swap partition), used uefi and lvm
> have an amd rx560 gpu, installed non-free amdgpu driver
> typically installed software (libs) with aptitude
> aptitude reports no broken packages
> did install GOG game BG2EE with instructions 
> from https://wiki.dotslashplay.it/en/games/baldurs-gate-2
> game plays okay, but freezes also
> other programs i run:
> gedit, make, g++-6, vim, evolution and iceweasel
> not sure what information i can provide to help solve this problem
> please let me know
> regards
> enzo

  i can think of things to check - no time at the moment to dig
into it further...

  temperature  - use lm-sensors package

  hardware issue - memtester or memtest86 or memtest86+ (not familiar with thesebut that is what my search comes up with)

  graphics driver - check issues/bug tracker if they have one